GREAT MEMORIES with Carmel Prior to her Alzheimer's Disease

  I'm told that for partners of those with Alzheimer's, Dementia or similar illnesses, their partners can view this somewhat like a death of their wife or loved one. And in many ways it is. With Carm gone from our home, there's no one to share anything with: a meal, a drink, a dance, the chores, our bed, holidays and especially Christmas. Like a death, accepting a loved one with Alzheimer's can take literally years. Yes, Carm's alive and healthy (except for her memory), but in many ways she's no longer there. Those who have lived with Alzheimer's know what I mean because you've all experienced the grief of this devastating illness. To learn to TRY to accept Carm's absence I've been told to do many things: keep busy, focus on the positives, laugh, be with friends, dance and have dinner with people, experience new places and new things, pray to God daily for her and me, be kind to myself, learn to trust myself again, be kind to other people because

Early Onset Alzheimer's Disease - what happens when your Partner's life, and YOURS, is destroyed by this horrible tragedy

  Yes, it's a tragedy in many acts. Few people want to discuss psychiatric problems or addiction because it can be embarrassing to them, their friends and relatives. Addiction of whatever kind can lead to suicide. So can the loss of a wife, partner, child, friend or any close relative. And THAT is something that - if it happens - NO ONE still alive will want to discuss except a very, very few. Usually the surviving spouse or relative or friend. Why do we do that? Because suicide, as with most psychiatric diseases, is rarely discussed except if you want to remember them, as I do.     This post is REAL and a TRUE STORY. I'm not embarrassed to tell this. It helps me remember the good times that Carm and I had together, and we have been together for almost exactly 14 years. Heather Armstrong, who died of suicide recently and was never afraid to tell her story because she wanted to help people suffering as she did, wrote a blog  dooce  about all the horrible situations she faced. Sh

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 A YANK SURVIVES SOUTHWEST IRELAND  ON HIS OWN Good day all from Eyeries, County Cork, Ireland.  It's been a long, long time since I wrote a post. But trying to post in, I find that I can no longer get into my dashboard to do it. So I'm starting a new Blogspot, which is rather appropriate. Since last time I wrote to you all, too much has happened. The last time I wrote, it contained a photo of my father, Bill Richards, who was a Captain for United Airlines and passed on in September 2021. Then my darling long-term partner Carmel Murray was taken away by Early Onset Alzheimer's Disease. She now lives in a Nursing Home in Trim, County Cork. Someday, she will come home to our home in this wonderful seaside village, but that's still months away. And to be honest, I've not been feeling too well. I had a heart-attack, Covid two times, Became depressed and stopped writing most everything. Great friends of mine have passed on way too early